we live and breathe landscape brands. It’s actually pretty unhealthy for us.

Obsessing about your brand is probably not healthy for us, but it’s really good for you.

Fifteen years after launching LandscaperMarketing.com, we’re still as passionate about building landscape brands and logos as we were on day one. It’s a specialization we’ve worked hard to master, and we still get excited about it because it’s fun and challenging. Best of all, it’s rewarding to see the end result of our efforts—and the success it brings to our clients and their businesses.

We understand that you have many options when choosing an advertising firm. We know how important the decision is, and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Here are a few reasons that partnering with LandscaperMarketing.com is a smart choice:

  • We provide unparalleled experience. In fact, our small business branding expertise–especially within the green sector–is unrivaled. With over 1000 small business brands created by our in-house branding authorities (Dan and Jeff), it’s unlikely you’ll find a better-qualified marketing team.
  • You’ll receive expertise from an expert. When working on your landscape brand, you’ll work directly with Dan, who aside from being LandscaperMarketing.com’s President and Creative Director, is also a nationally acclaimed author and expert on small business logo design and branding. With two published books on small business logos (and a third on the way), plus dozens of published articles on green sector design, you’ll have at your disposal someone who’s uniquely qualified to grow your business.
  • Our brands solve problems first, and look pretty second. We’re in the business of building brands that build business. Our brand strategy for your green business is rooted in a sound, fundamental plan for helping your company evolve and prosper. Before we ever start sketching logo concepts or solving your brand problems, we’ll conduct research and identify optimal solutions.
  • We create original pieces of art. We pride ourselves in our ability to craft fresh, original artwork for each logo—and we never use clip art. This is an important distinction, because logos derived from clip art can never be trademarked. We invest a lot of time and research in developing a unique brand that you can call your own.
  • Fonts? Who needs ‘em? Much of the actual lettering used in our logos is built entirely from scratch. Jeff is an accomplished hand letterer, in addition to a brilliant illustrator. If we can’t find the exact letter style we want—no problem. We just create an original.
  • Our designs are made in the USA. All of the work showcased on our site was done by Dan and Jeff, in-house, at LandscaperMarketing.com. Our work is never outsourced overseas. Unfortunately, most online logo factories outsource their work across the globe to people you’ll never speak directly with. Isn’t it important that you communicate with the team who is working on your hands-on brand development?
  • We sell a service, not a commodity: We don’t believe purchasing a logo and brand identity for your business is the same as buying office furniture. What we sell is a service: a strategy and a process of proven success for building your business identity. If you believe your brand is a commodity to be had for the lowest price, there are plenty of online, offshore ‘logo’ factories who will be happy to sell them to you for exactly what they are worth.
  • Logo design and branding is not an afterthought here. Logo design is not something we add on while creating your web site or other advertising. It’s one of our primary business lines, and we believe it’s a critical foundation for all of your other advertising. For us, it is the crown jewel of any advertising campaign.
  • We’re invested in your success. Most clients who come to us are interested in finding a strategic partner to guide them as they grow their landscape firms. We doubt you’ll find many online companies who care as much about their clients’ success as we do. We’re in it for the long haul.