brand identity guides: your roadmap to successful brand integration.

Brand identity guides to help you implement
your new brand and ensure visual consistency.

For each landscape logo project, we deliver an easy-to-follow brand identity guide. These guides provide all required information about your logo design, including colors for print and online usage, typography choices, and general application and usage guidelines. This document can then be supplied to vendors who may need to reproduce your logo or ensure accuracy in terms of usage, colors and implementation.

Comprehensive Brand Identity Standards Guidebook: A complete manual for your logo integration.

At, we know that a strong logo sets the stage for your business identity. The complete fortification of a logo is a comprehensive Brand Identity Standards Guidebook. This guide is a foundation for clear, consistent brand communication. A strong branding strategy and guidebook defines, in detail, how to execute all products required during the branding process. We offer this book to clients who would like all of their brand executions defined. Each guide is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their green sector businesses, and includes:

  • Logo Colors
  • Typography specifications (fonts)
  • Print, signage, vehicle and uniform applications
  • Web and digital applications.

The goal is consistency, not bland standardization. Keeping an overall “look and feel” consistent through all media shows that a business is dependable and professional—and this instills trust in client relationships. This guidebook can also be supplied to vendors for reference and maintenance of defined visual applications.