Just like an in-house marketing department–minus the vacation time, sick time and 401ks.

When you’re too small to have your own marketing department, but too big to handle everything on your own.

What if your landscape business had its own marketing department to plan and execute advertising strategies and deliverables? Maybe it’s not so farfetched after all. At GDS, our team of marketing masters stands ready to play the role of “virtual marketing department” for your company. That means we don’t take up office space—and we don’t empty the water cooler. Instead, we supply you with progressive, well-executed advertising and marketing solutions from the comfort of our own office.

Blending creativity, intuition and technology with our unique understanding of the green sector, LandscaperMarketing.com manages your marketing and advertising initiatives on a case-by-case or ongoing/retainer basis, depending upon your needs. Consider the proven benefits:

  • Cost and personnel savings: Most landscape firms can’t afford to employ a full marketing department, nor do they have the desire, time or money to manage the added personnel. When you trust LandscaperMarketing.com with your marketing plan, you’ll have instant access to our entire team. That includes project managers, artists, graphic designers, CSS experts and copywriters. We hire, compensate and caffeinate them—and you benefit from their seasoned expertise.
  • Incomparable experience: We know that every company says this, but with us, it’s true. We’re the absolute best at what we do—because we’ve been doing it for years. We’ve designed over 500 logos, created 300 websites and put plenty of landscape firms on the map. We’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to green industry advertising–so you’ll never waste money experimenting on your own.
  • One-stop shop: Gone are the days of juggling three to five contractors for your SEO, web design, advertising and marketing initiatives. Think of us as a single, hassle-free solution to your marketing needs.     

At LandscaperMarketing.com, we want to turn your “marketing expense” into a marketing investment. In our opinion, the money you spend should be netting you big returns—not giving you a big headache. Call us today to put our team of masterminds to work for you—or to inquire about a-la-carte landscape marketing services.