we buy your advertising without marking it up 15% like other agencies. Shocking, we know.

What good is a creative execution if your target
audience doesn’t see it? Answer: It’s no good, actually.

At LandscaperMarketing.com, we assess and evaluate your current media channels to ensure that your messaging is reaching targeted audiences at an efficient cost-per-lead. In addition, we identify and leverage the most impactful media channels, helping to foster a greater return on your advertising investment.

How do we know if your media channels effectively impacting your bottom line? Answer: Track and evaluate.

Our team of experts monitors and gauges the effectiveness of your marketing budget and advertising campaign by tracking leads via specific media channels. This allows us to identify channels we need to optimize–and remove channels that aren’t pulling their weight. LandscaperMarketing.com uses this tracking data to advise you on budget management and ROI—and to make cost-effective changes to your media plan. This process also includes researching and exploring other media channels that might be a good fit for your landscape firm, from magazine publications and online banners to TV/radio ads and trade shows.

How do you manage all the media vendors who contact you? Answer: LandscaperMarketing.com will be your liaison for all media planning and buying.

Whether it’s time to plant bulbs or plow snow, the day-to-day needs of your landscape firm come first. While you’re managing your business, LandscaperMarketing.com manages all communication with outside media vendors. During vendor dialogues, we’ll discuss opportunities and pricing plans to determine whether they are an effective, strategic fit for your company. Then, we’ll provide you with (1) high-level takeaways from our meetings, and (2) a detailed list of our media recommendations. Once you agree to proceed with an opportunity, we will negotiate rates on your behalf and coordinate ad placement/printing. If a particular medium won’t increase your market share and bottom line, we won’t recommend it. We ensure that your budget is taken seriously—and that it’s being spent on the most effective possible channels.

Doesn’t LandscaperMarketing.com charge for purchasing media buys? Answer: No, because we treat clients as partners and want to pass through real cost-savings.

We’re the first to admit that this is an unheard-of strategy in the advertising industry. Most media vendors provide advertising agencies with 5% to 15% discounts for purchasing a media buy. Then, most advertising agencies turn around and charge clients an additional 5% to 15% for the media buy. LandscaperMarketing.com is not interested in making money on media buys. Instead, we pass the savings through to you. You will not find this business model anywhere—which is another reason our accountant hates us.