policies for working with our company: OUR accountant sayS no exceptions. sorry :(

Web Design Projects

For all new web design projects, we work in three installments. First payment is due at contract signing, second is due when the site shell is completed (fully functioning site, minus content), and the last installment is due prior to site launch.

Web Design Edits

All web design edits will first be estimated and given to you prior to commencement. If your edits are under two hours, we will invoice you at that time so that your bill is paid in full prior to us beginning those edits–and so there are no delays launching your edits. For edits over 2 hours, a deposit of 50% will be collected, with balance due prior to edit launch.

Printing and Stationery Ordering

All printing fees are required to be paid in full at time of placing your order. We will not be able to order any printing until your invoice is paid in full. If we are designing your stationery, the full amount will be due in advance, as well.

Logo Design Projects

Logo design projects require a deposit of 2/3rds deposit, and balance due upon completion. We cannot release any artwork until the final balance has been squared away.

Graphic Design Work/Artwork Release

Design work for brochure and collateral development will be paid in two installments, with a 50% deposit due at commencement, and balance due when final artwork is approved. No artwork will be released prior to having your balance paid in full.

Vehicle Advertising

For all vehicle advertising, we will require a deposit of 50% at commencement, with the balance due upon completion. We will not be able to release ANY artwork until your balance is paid.

A Word About Our Policies.

We usually never have a problem getting paid from our clients, but over the years, we’ve unfortunately had a few clients with whom it was difficult or time consuming to collect on their debts to us. We are a small business, and as such, it’s very difficult for us to work on terms for services and products–terms that even larger companies like Staples and Office Max don’t give to their clients. We think that by accepting credit cards, we are already giving you extra time to pay your bills.

If you have any concerns about these policies, please contact us. And thank you for your business and cooperation.