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Career opportunities at, Inc.

We’re currently seeking to fill an entry to mid-level web & graphic designer for a full-time position at our award-winning agency. Here are some core requirements for our dream candidate. Yes, there are many hats to wear in this position.

  • 1-3 years in an agency environment, preferably a small agency, that deals with small businesses
  • BFA/BA in Art/Communications with a great portfolio or equivalent experience
  • Communicates effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative business solutions
  • Ability to attend sales meetings, pitches and draft proposals
  • Attention to detail (an insane amount- you will be working on numerous projects at any given time)
  • Demonstrated ability to work in both print and web
  • Manages their day-to-day scheduling
  • Evaluates projects/results upon completion; identifies key factors that were positive and negative to the project so they can be used/avoided in the future
  • Clear understanding of the printing process
  • Good sense of humor and ability to get along well with other team members


Here is the basic job description (although its written in HTML, not stone):

  • Design of print materials, including brochures, print ads and stationery; prepping files for printing, and handling print orders, and subsequent reorders
  • Perform web site edits, including text changes, scanning and re-touching photos, swapping photos in Galleries/Headers
  • Layout and design of web sites, content loading, and project management
  • Keep projects organized and follow-through on all communications
  • Working with the Project Manager to make sure there is a balance on what the client wants vs. what they need
  • Help to manage and maintain our own site, plus our 3 subsidiary sites
  • Designing and editing e-mail marketing templates; working in Constant Contact; translating client needs into appropriate marketing material; running email campaigns on a monthly basis
  • Required software Skills: Adobe CS3 and/or CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver)
  • Freehand MX and QuarkXPress v6 + (Preferred, at least to Dan. It’s not dead yet, okay?)
  • CSS and HTML Knowledge (Required). Hand coding, even better. Building tableless is a big plus.
  • SEO knowledge and understanding a plus
  • Striped-bass fishing skills. Okay, maybe that one is optional.


What do we have to offer? Full-time employees enjoy a competitive salary, holidays, 401k plan (with a company match even!), health and dental, couple of weeks vacation time, summer Fridays and hot bagels every Thursday. The usual stuff, or maybe not so usual, depending on which agency factory environment you’re coming from. We even have direct deposit (sweet!). We try not to run a sweatshop either. Sometimes we get busy, but we’re not paying you for 40 hours and expecting you to work 60. Pretty much 9-5ish, except for Dan, who sometimes works round the clock, except in the spring and summer when the striped bass are running and he’s training like a lunatic on his bike.

What should you do next? Doing something creative always helps. If you really like what we do, our best advice would be to do something cool for us. It helps get your resume and work noticed, which is sometimes tough to do amidst the competition. Portfolio pieces employing Brush Script, Helvetica and even Trajan are not, however, head turners (hint, hint). Comic Sans, of course, is making a comeback, so that’s OK. Didn’t you get the memo?

Send resumes (PDFs), relevant samples (PDFs or links), and salary requirements to: Equally impressive would be your ability to actually MAIL us a nice cover letter (see above about what NOT to do in your cover letter) and a resume. We will try, at a minimum, to acknowledge receipt of your application.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL. And sadly, we really are only looking for folks who work on Macs. If you only work on PCs do not send a resume. We all own stock in Apple. Seriously. And please buy the new iPhone also, if you haven’t already. So what if the antenna doesn’t work? Like that even matters…