Designing and constructing this landscaper’s image to outshine its competitors.

We have worked with many landscapers over the past 15 years, and are well-versed in this particular industry. So when David Ash came to us with the need for a stronger corporate identity and an online presence, we knew that we could design and develop something that would make him stand out and get noticed. Something that would elicit the same reactions he receives from his visionary landscape designs and construction.

First, we tackled the branding by building off his existing logo and refining it to appeal to a higher end client. We integrated this new logo onto his stationery, vehicles and site signs to further reinforce this new identity.

Second, we directed our efforts to the website; however due to the geographical location of this client, we had to approach the design differently than in the past. We needed to ensure that the company not only connected and resonated with beach goers of Long Beach Island, but also with their landscaping needs. So we implemented the look and feel of wooden panels and sandy tans to mimic beach sidewalks. The look has an organic and natural feel while also conveying a clean, manicured look that is consistent with landscaping. Overall, the image and website speaks to the high level of service and quality that David Ash is known for.