Giving this Georgia landscaper
the edge to coast past the competition.

Coastal Greenery believes your property is a reflection of you and can create an everlasting impression. That is exactly how we feel about logos and branding, so when we were first approached by Coastal Greenery, we felt that the company’s image didn’t reflect the professionalism, expertise and credibility that they convey as a landscape company. There was a disconnect, and we were excited to create a corporate identity that would equal their unparalleled service and customer commitment.

The logo was designed to be bold, legible and iconic, with special consideration given to it’s application on the fleet of landscape trailers.

We integrated the branding on the web design to reinforce the company’s identity and to continue to tell the company’s story. Coastal Greenery has built its culture on being personable and approachable so we wanted this to translate on the site through the design and the copy. The personification of the site is fun, friendly and very professional.