spend less and get better results.
no wonder our accountant hates us.

We’ve built our success on providing cost-effective
design solutions for small businesses.

Starting as a one-person operation targeting New Jersey companies, the initial core of our business was vehicle advertising and small-business branding. Fifteen years later, LandscaperMarketing.com has grown to a 10-person team focused on branding, web design, marketing and advertising services, and catering exclusively to small businesses. We’ve made it easier for companies to strengthen their brand and grow their business. We help clients spend less money—and achieve better outcomes. Check out our Case Studies for examples of our success stories.

We’re your partner in solving marketing problems and driving results, and we continually strive to increase your company’s profits through Smart Solutions (which, incidentally, is the name of our company newsletter). As small business owners, ourselves, we realize your budget is limited. So while we like to make pretty things like logos, web sites and brochures, we especially love the way those pretty things translate into sales and growth for your company. That’s exciting, and that’s what we love about our jobs.

Get the whole package, all under one roof.

While most other agencies have chosen to ignore the small business market, we’ve chosen to focus exclusively on it—offering a complete solution to their marketing in one convenient place. For us, small businesses are infinitely more fun to work with. Today, we’ve helped over 600 companies create over 500 logos, 300 web sites, countless brochures and more. As we mark our 15th anniversary, we look forward to many more years as a premier provider of quality, small-business marketing and advertising services. Check out our Case Studies for examples of our success stories.

So finally, what exactly is our mission?

LandscaperMarketing.com endeavors to provide clients with cost-effective, creative advertising and marketing solutions that meet well-defined strategic objectives. Drawing on over a decade of experience, we offer insights into proven techniques and strategies that help expand and grow our clients’ businesses. We will be the conduit through which our clients take their businesses to the next level. In addition, we will set aside time and resources to give back to the community, providing charitable design solutions for worthy, not-for-profit organizations.