But in your case, his preoccupation is definitely a good thing.

In addition to authoring two books on small business logo design, LandscaperMarketing.com’s Dan Antonelli has written and published over 50 articles for SignCraft Magazine, as well as other leading trade magazines devoted to excellence in graphic design. His articles cover a wide range of graphic design topics.

LandscaperMarketing.com’s work has also been featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazine, STEP Inside Design, Sign Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Signs of the Times, A Magazine About Letterheads, The New Jersey Star Ledger, LowesForPros.com, and other design publications. Click here for additional press about us.

Check out some of Dan’s published articles below. We think you’ll learn a lot from them. You may even become as obsessed with design as Dan is–though it’s doubtful.

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